Here at Long Island Alliance Church (LIAC) Chinese Education Center, our goal is to provide a high-quality learning experience to each enrolled student to learn Chinese in a safe and loving environment. On behalf of our teachers and staff who are eager to nurture the next generation, we want to express our appreciation that you have enrolled your child(ren) to learn Chinese at our Center and thank you for your confidence in us. We hope that this brief introduction can help you know more about our Center.

Who We Are

The Chinese Education Center is part of Long Island Alliance Church, a nonprofit organization under the strict regulation of the US government. We operate under the high moral standards of the Bible and by the love of God. We noticed that children from Chinese immigrant families are not able to receive a comprehensive Chinese education in public schools in the US, thereby missing the opportunity to learn high-quality Chinese. We pray and hope that we can fill this gap to enable our students to grow healthier and to live a meaningful and happy life.


Classes meet every Saturday from 9:30am to 11:50am. The course design is as follows:

(A) Chinese Language class, 2 period

We use the curriculum developed by College of Chinese Language of Jinan University for Chinese-American students in weekend Chinese schools in Europe and America, as commissioned by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. The goal of this curriculum is to enable students to acquire the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin Chinese, to learn Chinese culture and to lay a good foundation for students whose future careers require proficiency in Chinese.

(B) Moral Education class, 1 period

The Bible is widely accepted as having high moral standards and advocating that loving others is an essential part of all good conducts. Using the Biblical teachings as a foundation, we will help our students build up their characters.

(C) Interests and Hobbies Class (Canceled this year due to the COVID pandemic)

Learning Environment

Our church is conveniently located off LIE north exit 51. With a quiet and elegant surrounding, it is an ideal environment for learning. The facilities include:

(A) Parking lot: can accommodate 80 cars.

(B) Meeting hall: have 165 seats.

(C) Classrooms: a total of six rooms equipped with LED projectors and video screens;

(D) Library: provide a wide range of reading materials to our students.

(E) Recreational areas: outdoor basketball court, playground and fellowship hall for indoor activities.

(F) Network information control room: provide support and supervision for using the Internet.

(G) Others: two special rooms set aside for the caring of infants and preschool children.

Long Island Alliance Church Chinese Language Education Center Tel: 631-271-2290

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